The team that brought you the Ultimate Callout Challenge, the DPI Expo, and the Northwest Dyno Circuit (NWDC) is now bringing diesel drag racing back to the west with the Hole Shot Diesel Drag series. For their inaugural year once again they have teamed up with diesel industry leaders to bring 7 new events out west. The series will be showcased in Arizona, California, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Colorado. Each event has structured payouts along with a continuing point series for an overall payout at the end of the year 
The Hole Shot Diesel Series is working with the ODSS (Outlaw Diesel Super Series) to establish a set of common rules for both series. Allowing competitors to easily compete in both series. The eventual goal will include a National Finals in Texas, where racers from both series will go head to head to determine who the best diesel drag racer in North America truly is. 
On top of the drag racing, at each destination for the Hole Shot Diesel Series the Northwest Dyno Circuit will also have their dyno available as part of the existing NWDC Series, payouts for winners included.
We have the events, we have the sponsors, now we need you, the fans. At each of the Hole Shot Diesel Series events the goal is to make the event successful for the host, promote the sponsors, but more importantly, make it exciting for the fans! 
We hope to see you all out at the track 2021!